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It seems Maria Ozawa is under a very long beauty rest lately. Most of her recent downloadable versions from the interwebz are recycled stuff from some of her earlier works. Either she's taking her leave or the "cool maria ozawa boys" are having hard times ripping and uploading videos to torrent and other filesharing sites (which is very unlikely). Nonetheless, here are some of her old YouTube videos where she starred in one music video by a jap rap group "DS455" and a TV commercial of some chocolate along with the jap pop group "Kinki Kids". And then of course, there's that hot lesbian kissing which will surely keep that sleepy boner all pumped up. If in any case you discover an awesome maria ozawa video which we haven't covered yet, feel free to share it with us on the comments or on our contact page.

Summer Time in the D.S.C. by ds455

森永ダースCM キンキキッズ・小澤マリア

Maria Ozawa Hot Hot Kiss


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